Monday, May 11, 2009

Too much time to think...

Being of the unemployed persuasion has given me much too much time to think...and overthink...which always leads to me throwing thinking out the door and do something rash and get a boyfriend..

No, I don't have a boyfriend. I'm not even really dating anyone...or seeing anyone... But spending all this time alone, even just going out with friends, makes me miss Young and wish that I was in a relationship again. Which is kind of crazy that that's what I'm thinking about, especially since everything is so crazy and out of control right now. I don't know. As I write this it doesn't even really seem to make sense.

But I do know what would probably happen. I would start dating one of the guys I'm currently interested it. Probably agree to be his girlfriend in a rash moment and then after a few weeks suddenly wish I were single again. Or, I start dating someone. Take my time with things and end up experiencing something really great. I don't know...

I have way to much time to think about things. Maybe dating would be a way to help get my mind off things...Ugh...


  1. Aww! I'm sorry things have been rough for you. Boyfriends sometimes do make things more complicated and can make more drama in your life so just be careful. Don't you dare go for the first guy who asks unless you do care about him. You're worth more and should never settle.

  2. Thanks, sweetie. It's been a month since he broke up with me and I'm thinking about maybe entering the dating game again. No worries. I'll be careful. ^_^

    Besides, I'm having too much fun hanging out with my friends. ^_^