Thursday, October 28, 2010

G20 or Full Moon?

I think the G20 has the same effect as a full moon on my office today. While filming some promos for our G20 coverage, I noticed PD-nim (who is normally a very serious person) stroking a furry mic cover like an animal. I asked him if it was a dog, and he promptly responded, "No. Cat." (It did kind of look like a Persian...)

He then proceeded to put it on his head like some sort of 80s hair band wig.

And prior to all this, the evening anchor began dancing down the aisle of the office while practicing her lines for the promo, then suggesting to TJ-nim that we put that in the promo to get attention...

I don't know what's going on around here, but I wish it would happen more often...

G20 and Other Things

Halloween is almost here!

But that's not the point of this post...

More importantly, the G20 is almost here!!

That, I am looking forward to. Partially because work will seem so busy that those two days will fly right on by, and partially because it's going to make for some interesting news with all those world leaders here. And I feel kind of special working at a news company and being in Seoul for such a huge global event. (Maybe I am turning into a news nerd...) I hope that it can help Korea step up a few notches on the international stage, but really, who knows. I've heard foreigners talk about Seoul not being ready for it, but one thing I love about Korea is its ability to surprise you. So, I'm going to keep a positive outlook for the G20. Even though the US Embassy sent me an email today warning about possible 'violent' demonstrations...

And after the G20 is said and done, I'm off to home sweet home. I'm really looking forward to my Thanksgiving trip, though I hope I've saved up enough money for it. I keep making lists of things I want to get while I'm there and I'm terrified of over-spending. Though I suppose if it comes down to it, I'm just going to have to cut some things off my list. (Or limit the candy for the office to just 2 bags...)

But I do seriously want to stock up on OTC meds like giant bottles of Advil and other stuff that's hard to get here. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about...) And maybe get some chili seasoning and Ranch dressing packets. I suppose my list of 'American things' will probably have to wait until I'm walking through Wal-Mart or Target because at the moment, I just can't think of stuff that I can't get here. Probably because I've gone so long without it...

Methinks I'm going to have to take my largest suitcase...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Without Fail

Here we are, six days before Halloween festivities, and I'm coming down with a cold. It never fails that something unfortunate always pops up before Halloween or my birthday. Last year I almost broke my nose the night before Halloween. One year I got really sick and almost couldn't go out. Another year I really was so sick that I didn't go out. (I had a costume and everything...) And this year. I now have a scratchy throat and my nose is stuffy. Thank goodness I have Monday and Tuesday off so I can rest up and get back to healthy so I can fully enjoy my Halloween parties. Oh, and finish my costume... That would be a good thing...

In other news, I've gone and started yet another blog on Tumblr. I admit, I only signed up because there are several blogs over there that I want to follow. But then I had this crazy idea that maybe I could turn it into a commentary on Korean music, movies and general entertainment. There is always something going on over here, it seems, and I always have an opinion. So, if you're curious, go check it out ---> I only have two posts up right now, but I'm having fun with it. I'll never run out of topics.

Oh and a puppy update! Cheech is finally settling down and not dragging me around the neighborhood anymore. Our walks are becoming more enjoyable. Except for when I have to walk him in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet... Yea, that's not fun. But luckily I don't have to do it very often...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life with a Big Dog in the City

I am totally a dog person. Always have been, always will be. And you can imagine my joy when my current roommate and I decided to move in together along with her adorable chou-chou puppy, Cheech. I had been wanting a dog for all three years that I lived in Seoul, but couldn't really handle it with my schedule.

I did think about it seriously. I knew that since I would be home during the mornings, it would fall upon me to walk Cheech in the early afternoon before heading out to work, and make sure he is fed and watered and give him love and attention on my days off while I'm at home and she's at work. But, sheesh, this turning out to be a bit more than I expected.

Playing with him- under control. He's a very mild-mannered dog and easy to play with, so if I need time to work on stuff, I can shut my bedroom door for a couple hours and he's happy and calm. No scratching, whining or barking to get in. He's kind of like a giant teddy bear. Watering and feeding is fine too. But walking. Holy wow.

Even though Cheech is still a puppy, he's about 6 months old, which makes him almost full grown. And chou-chous are fairly large and powerful. I've walked him before when my roommate lived in her old apartment, but he was used to the area and pulled very minimally against the leash. Not to mention, she lived near a good-sized park, so it didn't matter where he pooed or peed. But now, we're no where near a park and Cheech is still getting used to the neighborhood. Meaning- he pulls against the leash like nothing else and I've got blisters forming after two days of one 15-minute walk a day.

While he is well behaved around people and especially kids, it's super aggravating walking him while he's investigating every single smell on the street. Half the time, he's walking me, and half the time I'm dragging him away from something. I do stop every so often to give him some time to investigate, because if I don't, he digs his claws in and refuses to budge. Not to mention, I can tell his collar is half gagging him and I feel bad. But I know that I have to be firm with holding him in check, otherwise, he'll never learn to properly walk on a leash.

And although my roommate says it's okay to not pick up the poo here, I beg to differ. People don't mind little dog poo on the street, but they mind big dog poo. We got lucky no one was around yesterday when he pooed, but today I got yelled at, so next time I have the icky job of cleaning up big dog poo off the street. Especially since he likes to poo in front of restaurants. And I always felt a little strange just leaving it there for someone else to pick up.

But it's still tiring. When I thought about getting a dog before, I thought about a nice little pug, which is more suitable for apartment life than a chou-chou. But my roommate had to go and get Goliath instead. We've discussed the possibility of getting another, small dog for me to take care of once Cheech is acclimated, but I'm thinking that's not such a good idea.

That said, I love my roommate and I love Cheech. Inside the apartment he's a perfect angel. Quiet, well-behaved. He doesn't chew on things or jump on people. He likes to cuddle (or occasionally sit on me). He does shed like no tomorrow, which I'll have to get used to. But I did once own a cat, so it's nothing new. But oi vey, I wish I didn't have to walk him during the day for a couple weeks until he gets used to the area.

So, note to future dog owners out there who live in cities, choose a small dog. They're so much easier to handle on a leash. And I kind of feel bad for big dogs. They love to be outside often and poor Cheech is locked up inside for most of the day with both of us working full-time...