Monday, January 25, 2010

Stupid Hagwons

So... I was having a talk with my roommate today about her job search. She's been looking for some part-time teaching work to make some more money and she's having a tough time getting people to talk to her. And the reason why... she's not white. More specifically... she's Chinese-American but looks a little Korean. She's been turned down for interviews and whatnot based on the sole fact that she's Asian.

I'm sorry, but how stupid is that??? She is AMERICAN. She speaks NATIVE ENGLISH. Not only that... she also speaks MANDARIN, CANTONESE and KOREAN. She is more than qualified to teach languages. She speaks English better than I do... I don't understand the discrimination. Why would someone think that I am better qualified to teach English just because I'm white?

In fact... true story. This week at the office, one of the freelance reporters took me aside and offered me a part-time teaching job at an adult hagwon. I thanked him, told him I was interested, but I couldn't do it because of my hours at Arirang. I then told him that my roommate was a qualified English teacher and looking for work. He said okay and then said this: "I have to be blunt... is she as good-looking as you?" I told him that she was attractive, but didn't look exactly like me because she's Chinese-American. He then made a face and said, "Oh... that could be a problem. We are looking for Westerners." What kind of bullshit is that? SHE IS WESTERN! Born and raised in the US. What he meant to say was, "We are looking for white people." Specifically... "We're looking for pretty white girls to parade around in front of our nasty ahjussi students because that will make us more money."

Sometimes I really don't get Korea. When I came here two years ago, hagwons only wanted people who had F4 visas (AKA Koreans born in foreign countries). And now they only want white people. No Indian, no black, no Asian, etc. It doesn't make sense. Since when did the color of your skin qualify you to be a teacher? There are white English instructors who are idiots.

It drives me crazy. She just wants to find work... She's trained and qualified... just give her a job stupid hagwons...