Thursday, April 16, 2009

Issie the Wonder Cat

Okay, so I know that I totally stole that line from Mr. Warner and changed it to cat, but it still applies.

My kitten is the most rambunctious, wild kitten I think I’ve ever met. As soon as I walk into the apartment at night, she immediately does a somersault across the floor and attacks my feet and lower legs. During the winter I didn’t mind this, but now that it’s spring and I’m not wearing socks or long pants as much, it ends up being quite painful.

Her favorite game is “Let’s Pretend We're in a Jungle and Eat Emma or Anyone Who Happens to be in the Apartment.” She will hide under the couch or in the bedroom and when someone settles on the couch or isn’t paying attention, she leaps out from her hiding spot and latches on to said person’s leg (mostly mine).

Or she pretends that my clothes on the drying rack are actually wild animals that must be killed. I walk in to new carnage spread across my living everyday. A shirt. Hose. Panties. Socks Anything that is light enough, or dangling low enough that she can get a good grip on it and pull it off. This often means I have to re-wash whatever it is she attacks. Or throw it out if it’s hose. The hose and tights seller about a 5 minute walk from my apartment must love me since I’m buying new hose every other day.

My adorable little kitten is also a little deceiver too. Sometimes, when I’m lying on my couch watching TV, she hops up on my tummy and acts like she wants to cuddle. So, I start petting her and thinking how cute and adorable she is. Then she’ll start trying to lick my fingers. I personally find this annoying, but it’s better than gnawing. And as soon as I think that thought, Issie decides to bite down on my thumb and the gnawing begins. If you take one look at my hands, you can definitely tell that I’m a cat owner from all the scratches and bite marks that decorate them.

I am constantly surprised by my kitten, whether it’s because she jumps out of a hiding place and sinks her teeth into my leg or I’m trying to sleep at night and she starts attacking my hair. At times, she annoys the hell out of me. But then I take one look at her and my heart melts a little…

I’m going to make a horrible mother…

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  1. Hahahahahaha! I love it! I just told Brian the other day that he might have to train Duke not to jump. He's not bad about jumping but now that I'm wearing shorts more it hurts when he does! Issie is soooooooooo cute and getting so big!