Thursday, April 23, 2009

Found my Silver Lining

So, I just realized that a lot has happened in the last few day and I haven’t shared through my blogs…

On Wednesday, I heard from The Korea Times. They are definitely interested in hiring me. There is one, maybe two positions opening in June and I’m listed as a potential hire. (Granted I don’t how many they have, though I assume I’m at the top of the list…) Anyway, they are going to give me more information the first of May (yay one week!). I assume that means the usual interview and editing test, and then hopefully, a job offer. With luck, I could be out of Apple Tree by early to mid- May since we’ll have to get the visa stuff started. Which means I’m throwing a large party at my favorite bar around then to celebrate.

Also on Wednesday, Stella and I went to Ireland (it was only the first time this week, I promise!) and hung out with the guys. Hoon, one of the younger bartenders, asked me out on a date. I was a little surprised, seeing as his English is quite minimal and my Korean is barely there. But he recruited Stella to come as translator. I said yes.

It was an interesting sort of date with the three of us. Though, surprisingly, conversation flowed smoothly. Stella made sure to go back and forth between English and Korean a lot so that no one was left out. Hoon brought his dog, which was an odd twist, but worked in the end. We had to take her to my apartment since no restaurant would let her in and Hoon now had bragging rights to all the other bartenders that he knew where my apartment was. (Oh joy...) We went to a fun restaurant that served only shellfish (clams, conchs, mussels, etc.) It was really yummy and they cook the meat in the shells on a grill at the table. Then we ended up at Ireland because Stella (and I guess Hoon) wanted to go. Hoon and I were able to have a conversation of sorts, with occasional help from Stella.

Then Hoon and I had to go get his puppy from my apartment because his mom kept calling and said she couldn’t hear the dog with him. We got back and got some good-natured teasing from the guys. And basically just hung out and talked, and made fun of the bartenders, who then made of me right back. Ah, a sweet little thing that happened. I have a burn on the back of my hand that I kept scratching at (I hate the itching stage…). When we went to the bar, Hoon disappeared for a bit and then came back with a band-aid so I wouldn’t scratch it anymore. It was cute and sweet of him.

All in all, a lot of fun. I’m still not sure if anything serious will become of it. I’m still a little turned off from guys, especially since it’s only been about 2 weeks since Young broke up with me. AND the language barrier is kind of a major factor. AND he works at our favorite bar, and if there is ever a lesson to be learned from Barney Stinson, it’s that you shouldn’t break “The Platinum Rule.” Don’t want to kill the bar…

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