Monday, April 27, 2009

Drama Drama Drama

So here is the latest on the ever-evolving drama known as my life…

My boss wants me to leave the company by this Friday. This decision sprung up from a miscommunication from my manager (who thought I was starting a new job first of May, even though my email specifically said that I didn’t get a job offer and if I did get it, it wouldn’t start until June). Anyway, so my manager feels horrible, especially since he now knows the full extent of how serious it is when you lay off a foreign worker and how much harder it is for them to find work and get visas.

He is going to meet with my boss and try to talk him into letting work part-time editing. That way I could use the free time either teaching privately or find another part-time job. Though, hopefully I’ll find out something from the Korea Times soon and the part-time won’t be for long. Apparently, my boss still would like me to do the editing work. (Apparently that’s all I’m good for to him…forget that I generated all his financial statements for his new company…)

Either way, it’s going into effect on Monday. If I’m going part-time, I would much rather start as soon as possible. Heck, whatever the decision is, a few days most likely isn’t going to make much of a difference. I might as well quit tomorrow or Wednesday if they want me gone after Friday. It’s a small victory in the scope of the big war, but they’ve already stolen the thunder out of my quitting by informing my co-worker without telling me and taking away all my responsibilities. (I HATE when people do that…James did and Young too, why won’t life let me have my little victories…I was sooo looking forward to telling Ji Won that I was quitting…)

And in a completely different realm of my life that is not quite as full of drama, Hoon and I are going on a second date this week. We’re going to see a movie so that it’s not too big a deal if Stella can’t come. I have to really study up on my Korean…

And this weekend he gave me his ring to wear. He handed it to me to watch for him while he did a flair show and then told me to keep it at the end of the night when I tried to give it back. It’s about five times too big and I’ve wrapped two post-it notes and about three layers of tape to get it to fit. It was a cute gesture, but I’m fairly sure that it doesn’t mean that we’re serious. Stella asked him if he liked me last night and he didn’t answer. He just said that he thinks there is a connection, but it’s going to be hard with communication.
So, we’re taking it slow and seeing where this goes. If anything, I’ll at least gain a good friend out of it. ^_^

Another cute thing…

Hoon went to the sea on Sunday morning after work with his co-workers and sent me this picture. It was a cute thing to wake up to on Sunday morning.

So, that’s my crazy, stressful life as of now. I’ll find out about my “status” at work soon (today or tomorrow) and that will hopefully releive some of the stress. I plan to get up early and start running tomorrow, so that will help some too. Though I’m wondering how I’m going to carry my iPod, phone and keys…might leave the phone at home…and get an iPod armband thing…

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