Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holidays Are Meant to be Crazy

I finally got my December work schedule nailed down, and the week of Christmas is looking a bit crazy. But I suppose it's okay since holidays are supposed to be crazy, and I'll be making extra money.

For about three weeks I'm covering the morning editing shift on Mondays and Fridays starting today. Unfortunately, I was already scheduled to do the evening shift, which means a 12-hour day with a tw0-hour break in between. I'll only have one other double shift day on the 17th, so this arrangement isn't too bad, other then I'll be coming in three times on my day off for three hours.

The real kicker will start on Dec. 24. I've agreed to cover for the morning weather girl for about two weeks while she goes on vacation. This means from Dec. 24- Jan. 7, I'll be coming into the office at 5:30 in the morning to write my script, do hair and make-up and then give two live weather reports for our morning broadcast. Which means during the first week, I'll be working 5:30 am to 10 pm with a two-hour break for three days, and the second for two days. That equals to five 14-hour days in two weeks.

I'm staying positive and trying not to let myself get overwhelmed three weeks before I even do anything. I get Christmas Day off. I get to go to a JYP concert for free on Christmas Eve. (Technically, I'll be working at it, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it at the same time.) And it's extra money that I can put towards a number of things. A new camera. Or a new net book and external hard drive since I'm terrified my lap top could die any day now from old age. (It's working fine, a little slow, but okay.) Or a vacation. There is a possibility I could lose my Thursday morning appointment forever, but we'll see.

So, in short, my motto for this month is: Stay positive. I'm getting a fun opportunity to do live TV that I wouldn't get anywhere else. And I already had one person recognize me from doing the evening weather for a week. Maybe I'll get more from this. ^_^

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