Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

But I do actually know when I'll be back again. December 1st, to be exact.

I'm so ready for this trip home. It finally hit me today that I will be seeing my family for the first time in two years in just two (really want them to be short, but will probably be long) days. And I'm feeling quite accomplished, since my list of things to do before I leave is quickly disappearing. The cable company is coming tomorrow morning. I got my presents purchased yesterday. With the help of my fan, my clothes should be dried and ready to pack by tonight, and I bucked up and called YG today. However, can't cross that off yet, since I'm now waiting on a response, but hopefully I'll get one before I leave for the US. Crap. Probably should have mentioned that on the phone today... I'll call again tomorrow if I don't hear anything...

All that is left to do is to buy some makgeolli, soju and maewasu to take home so that my family can try some traditional Korean alcohol. (Can do after work.) Pack. (Again, after work.) And pay rent. (Can do anytime before Friday.)

I did tell a friend that I would go out with her Thursday night, stay at her place and leave for the airport from there, but after some thinking I've decided not to. First of all, I would have to take my stuff to work with me and then go up to her place. I live in Gunja on the northeast side of the city. I work in Seocho on the south-central side. She lives in Eedae on the northwest side. I have a really large suitcase that I do not want to drag around the city because I'm too cheap to use taxis.

Secondly, I'm running out of money alloted for spending in Korea.

Thirdly, while my flight isn't until 11 am, I really don't want to stay up late or drink the night before I'm supposed to leave. I don't want to miss my flight (since I'll have to leave for the airport by 7:30ish) and I really don't want to uber tired and hungover while traveling for nearly 24 hours. I have an insane amount of transfers to make, which will require me to be alert. Don't believe me?

11 am- Leave Seoul
1:20 pm- Arrive in Tokyo
3:30 pm- Leave Tokyo
7:30 am- Arrive in Portland
1:15 pm- Leave Portland
4 pm- Arrive in Salt Lake City
7:54 pm- Leave Salt Lake City
11:17 pm- Arrive in Tulsa

I feel tired just looking at that...

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