Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I think I can physically see the stress permeating the office today. I even had a freak-out moment myself when I got in at 2:06 pm and realized that there is a broadcast at 3pm (once again, no one told me the on-the-hour newscasts started at 3). Luckily, most of the b-rolls for the bulletins are rolling over to the next broadcast, but I've been getting so many random calls to look at packages for today and tomorrow that I'm afraid to leave my desk since there is no telling when the next call might come. Especially since they aren't putting up the cue sheets until an hour before broadcast and I'm not sure what to expect.

Which means I don't know when or if I'm getting dinner tonight. I'll probably have one of the reporters call down to the cafe and order me a sandwich to bring up, if they have a free minute (which most don't). Oi, the stress! I'm so ready for the G20 to be over.

And for the delivery guy to drop off my package from G-Market with my new sweaters... that is if I can find a kind soul to call and speak to him in Korean... I hate having a low Korean speaking and listening ability...

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