Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Staying Home All Day...

So, it was my weekend off and I ended up spending four out of five days stuck in the apartment. Friday and Monday were by choice... Sunday and Tuesday not so much. While this was good for not spending a lot of money, it was bad for not gaining weight. I spent most of the time being lazy and snacking, even though I did get some writing and editing done (though, probably not as much as a I should have). Bleh, why is it that staying at home just makes me lazy? I've got clothes drying that have been on the rack for a couple days. I did clean up the kitchen after cooking (and after some soda spilled out of the fridge) but the living room is a bit of a mess (though I did manage to sweep up the floor). Makes me realize why I have a roommate. So that I at least have some motivation to pick up. But when she's gone for two weeks, all I do is stay up ridiculously late watching TV and movies while taking intermittent naps and snacking.

But I go back to work tomorrow, which will help. I always feel more productive when I go into the office. And I am planning to do some editing tonight and picking up before I go to bed. And no matter what, I'm getting up at 9 or 10 am tomorrow to hopefully incite more productiveness.

I'm just looking forward to getting the book officially done and sent off so I can enjoy my upcoming trip to Beijing. We're still waiting to find out if Paul is getting released on time so we can go. He should find out tomorrow after he goes to the doctor. I'm just excited to finally go somewhere else. I'm hoping if things go well in LA, I might be able to do some more little trips this summer around Asia, but we'll see. I've been to Fukuoka, but I would like to go Tokyo and Kyoto. And I'd like to visit Shanghai and go back to Hong Kong. Not to mention Thailand.

I really need to do some more research on fun places to travel around here. I hear a lot but I need to find out what I want to do. There are a lot of places within Korea that I haven't been to either. Like Sokcho and Busan and Gwangju... I hope I somehow come up with more money...

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