Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're Moving In!

The lease is signed and the deposit put down.

That's right, we're finally moving in to our brand new apartment.

We went in to take a second look at the apartment yesterday with New Roomie's boyfriend and he deemed it wonderful. So then we headed down to the real estate agent's office to sign all the lease papers and hand over the first month's rent. Our landlord seems nice enough, but he stressed that we need to pay on time each month and he likes a quiet building. I guess that means no housewarming party. Or maybe we'll just do a really small one with close friends only. I've already hosted two, so it's not a big deal to skip out on one for this place. Besides, as of move-in day, we only have the one couch, so not much room for people to sit just yet.

Anyway, we move in on Sunday, which leaves Friday to call the moving company, cable company and figure out how to get rid of my old couch. Sounds simple enough, it's not really. And I need to tell my landlady that we're leaving on the 26th, so I can get my deposit money back for the new place.

So, life is a little hectic now with all the packing and calling and everything that needs to get done. But at least I know that on Sunday night, I'll be cuddled up in my bed in my new room. I'm just hoping that I can get out of the old place and into the new with relative ease. We'll see how that goes with a pissed off Old Roomie (not my fault she took off to Taiwan without telling me and now she has less than a day to pack up and move...) and a slightly damaged old apartment that I'm leaving behind. Yeesh... I've got a ton of cleaning to do the next couple of days...

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