Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Think It's Officially Rainy Season

It's slowly, but surely been raining more and more here in the busy metropolis of Seoul. And this can only mean one thing... monsoon season has arrived.

Okay, well, I think it technically arrived a few weeks ago when we had torrential rain for about three or four days in a row, but then it magically stopped and was sunny (and hot) every since. But now it's starting to get cloudy and spit out rain again, which means we're heading towards another downward slope with the rain.

I personally love monsoon season.

Call me crazy, but I love falling asleep to the sound of rain outside my open window. I love staying in all day with the front door open and the rain (finally) cooling down the apartment. I always wear my hair curly, so I don't have to deal with the crazy frizzy, wants-to-curl-but-won't-completely mess. I love getting dressed up in my rain boots and trapezing around the city. (And purposely jumping in puddles trying to splash all the fussy girls around me. Hehe.) Rainy season in Seoul is really not that bad. Of course, having rain boots helps.

I like to think that I was one of the first to jump in on the rain boot trend here. My friend and I scoured the city last summer, looking for two pairs. We saw girls walking around in them occasionally when we went out, but we could never figure out where to find them. And whoever we saw wearing them always seemed to disappear before we could ask where they found them. Finally, we found some at Muji, but they were nearly 50,000 won and had a very small selection of sizes and colors. Of course, this didn't matter to us. We each found a pair that we liked in our sizes, forked over the cash and then proceeded to wear them whenever we could. (Which included cloudy days... The forecast may have said 20% chance, but we didn't want to risk it...)

Of course, this summer, there are rain boots on every corner in every color, every design and every size... and I'm having the hardest time keeping myself from buying a pair in each one. Of course, I technically don't need more than one pair... but Seoul has so many wonderful rain boots this season! And I can't wear the same pair of rain boots every day, can I?

I admit, I'm not a very trendy person or a fashion slave. I'm happiest in jeans/shorts and t-shirts. I don't even buy shoes a lot. (Thank you self-imposed shopping ban.) But I think I'm edging closer to a rain boot addiction. I really want another pair, even though I don't really need one... and it doesn't help that they're everywhere... and so cheap...

But I digress. Well, not really, but I'm sure I've talked enough about rain boots...

So, basically, it's monsoon season again, which means it's time to put up the Converses for a few weeks, and perpetually carry an umbrella. I also love how monsoon season coincides with rock festival season. The two main festivals this year fall right towards the end of rainy season. Meaning there is guaranteed to be at least one or two days of rain for each festival.

And you can bet I'll be there... in my rain boots...

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