Friday, April 30, 2010

Upcoming Fun

I'm quite excited about this upcoming Monday and Tuesday. I'm finally filming for the travel show and I've been told the plan. I'm still doing the food episode, but they've changed me from street food, to natural, organic food.

First of all, I'm heading to Jirisan to visit a couple that gathers 산나물 (sannamul) from the mountain and uses it in soup and bibimbap. Sannamul is a type of vegetable or vegatation. In English it translate to herb, but I'm told its more than just an herb and there is no real English name for it. I get to help/watch the wife make the food and then eat it.

The next stop is the 섬진강 or Sumjin River, which is suppose to be the cleanest river in Korea. I get up really early on Tuesday and go with a bunch of old men and women to dig for 재첩 or jechup in the river, which are little, tiny cockles. Of course, I then get to help/watch cook and eat them. I was told by the writer that she was told that we will be leaving quite early, before anyone can eat breakfast. In response, she asked if we needed to pack breakfast for everyone. The person in charge told her not to worry, just bring some bottles of soju and some anju. So... I might be a bit toasted by the end of filming on Tuesday...

Because after that, we're going to a different part of the river and going on a boat with a fisherman who dives for these ridiculously large oysters. I'm told this will take about three or four hours, so I'm hoping it's not too cold, windy or rainy that day. But I told her if they just hand me a fishing pole, I'll help catch dinner.

After the boat, we are going to the fisherman's house where he will cook the oysters for us and some of his friends. Normally we would go to a restaurant in town, but it's the very end of the oyster season, so none of the restaurants are serving it.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it and it should be a lot of fun. The following weekend I do one more day of shooting, and I'll be on an edible flower farm. I haven't tried that before, so it should be interesting. I'll be sure to post a report and tons of pictures after I film.

Hooray for my debut on TV!

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