Sunday, December 6, 2009

Settling Into A Domestic Lifestyle

Now that is a phrase that I never thought I would say, but it would appear that I am somewhat moving into that direction.

I got up and went to the store this morning, then came back and put a stew on to cook. (Seriously... me... cooking stew?) Yesterday I did laundry and picked up the trash left over from this weekend's unexpected get together. The kitchen is clean. The bathroom floor is clean, but I still need to attack the sink and toilet.

Though, as proud as I am of all that, I still can't bring myself to tackle the floor or my room. So, I guess that's the extent of my 'housewifing' around for today. However, it is only 4 pm, so we'll see. I'm attempting to work on some writing, but I might mop later when I need a distraction. And I think I'm most proud of the stew, though I'm still laughing at myself for how excited I was when I got my crock pot. I'm sure my boyfriend has ulterior motives for buying it... namely me cooking something for him with it. (In fact, he's already requested that I cook something this weekend.)

It's so interesting because I've never considered myself 'domestic' or whatever term you want to use. (Even my boyfriend makes fun of how messy my room is... And had to beg me to help clean up his room... which surprisingly I didn't mind doing... weird...) But yet, I'm kind of enjoying some of these chores and am especially looking forward to cooking for him. Even if I still get the feeling that I'm just playing House or it's just a phase. We'll see...

I'm such a dork. I think it's because I'm 25 now... yes, I'm going to blame my age...

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